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Web Design:


The appearance of a website is what creates the first impression for a casual visitor. We incorporate proper presentation with simple but clever navigation through the website which would make the website user friendly. A visually superior website is always not necessary to show the visitor what you have to offer. But making a visitor feel comfortable towards the website is always important. A website should reflect what the team behind the website stands for ands acts as a face of the organization.

With many creative and ingenious designs, we are able to provide reliable web designing services to our clients. We design a broad range of websites like personal websites, official websites, e-commerce websites, organization websites and many more. Every website deserves a unique theme as per its content and the requirements of the client. Elegant designing and convenient navigation through the website impresses the target audience which will make sure that the user will visit the website again.

We designed websites to distinct clients all over the globe. Our goal has always been to deliver an effective website - which offers users a balance between visual appeal, informative content and user-friendly functionality. We provide more affordable designing services than most website development entities you might find on the Internet, yet we deliver the uncompromising quality you expect and deserve.

Web Development:


New web development techniques are rapidly sprouting day-by-day. It is required to be updated with all the new development techniques and also know where and when to use them as per the requirements of the clients and when the website demands.
Scripting Languages we use:
  • HTML (All Versions)
  • ASP .NET
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
Striving-to-be a leader in the field of web development, we are able to provide simple and complex solutions to a wide range of clients. Our high quality and trouble less developing methods has lead us into being one of the most trusted and reliable website developers in the market.
Our web developers always came through in developing websites accurately as per the requirements of the clients and also keeping in mind the user's perspective.

Search Engine Optimization:


Having an elegant and appropriately themed website may not always be enough. Getting visitors to your site is equally essential. Even more importantly a website needs unique visitors to extend its range of customers and increase the incoming traffic. Any website, apart from its visual presentation, needs to be aided with SEO for its faster and sustainable growth.

Executing SEO for each website on its primary objective using a combination of good titles, descriptions and target keywords is vital. We choose the keywords for the website from the statistically analyzed data used by the searchers to find similar sites. We have devised many cost-effective techniques and use a professional search engine optimization strategy to build traffic and attract potential target customers.

We strive to make your products to reach appropriate customers thus decreasing cost per conversion and increase the number of orders or visits from different search engines.

Though it is a time consuming job we keep our heads cool and change our strategies, if necessary, according to the changing circumstances to get favorable results as expected by our clients.



Pay-Per-Click marketing is a productive method of reaching your potential customers. 3SSolutions provides extensive PPC services with well developed techniques. After understanding the subject of the website, may be an online shopping website or a service provider website or any other website, we analyze and develop the keywords and keyword phrases that will aid the website in promoting its primary goal. This helps in listing of your website links in the search results when relevant keywords are searched by the customer.

Keeping regular watch over the performance of the keywords and their landing pages from the search results and making changes from time to time, if necessary, is the primary job in getting favorable results. The position of the website in search results depends on bidding of the keywords which in turn depends on the budget allocated for PPC marketing. This budget varies from client to client depending on their criteria.

Skillfully using the budget allotted by the clients by bidding the point-blank keywords when the budget is less and bidding more number of keywords when the budget is moderate or high is fundamental. We always look for widening the range of the customers by suggesting new keywords to our clients who are willing to taking the next step irrespective of the budget.



Positive link building campaigns has become one of the prominent requirements for a website to guide probable customers in visiting your website. We recognize the importance of link building in search engine rankings for a web site and provide exclusive links that will drive traffic to your website and increase the exposure in search engines. Making sure to keep your brand protected is crucial. Building SEO links in appropriate websites to get your website into the top results of search engines makes a big difference in success and failure of the website.

Being updated with the latest SEO developments of all the search engine algorithms will aid us in keeping you ahead in this competitive world. Developing innovative link building campaigns is essential in keeping the website's search engine rankings steady. Though this is a challenging aspect of online marketing we have proficient skills in designing powerful link building packages and obtaining favorable results for our clients.
Promoting the website in social media earns recognition from people. Submitting a website link in proper website directories is a key factor in building links for that website. We take care of all the major and minor elements in link building in reaching your goal.

Payment Gateway Integration:


For any ecommerce website the payment gateway has become an essential feature to make their business successful. It has become significant for e-commerce website owners to integrate a reliable, quick and secured payment gateway in order to enable their customer to order and make payments effortlessly. After customers fills up their shopping cart with the products that they have desired, they are redirected to the payment gateway page to complete their order. The customer is then provided with different payment options like Credit Card Payment, Net Banking, Debit Care Payments and more. The transaction is then completed after the user follows all the payment instructions displayed on the screen.

We provide impeccable payment gateway integration services of your choice. We can integrate the payment gateway of your choice in a matter of hours. Popular payment gateways

  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal
  • YourPay
  • DirectPay
  • CCAvenue
  • VeriSign PayFlow
  • Authorize.Net and more

Our team of experts has devised dependable, consistent and economical techniques in integrating the payment gateways for any website as per their specific requirements. Our payment gateway integration services have impressed many reputed e-commerce websites. We helped them in providing their customers to have a smooth and flexible experience in making online payments.



Now-a-days database programming has acquired prominence due to the innumerable advantages that it can provide. A database can be used to store any type of data in small or large amounts and this storage process is completely in an organized fashion. A perfectly designed database application will allow you to see the data in many ways of your choice. Keeping all the data at one place will make sure that the data can be manipulated in real time from anywhere in the world. This helps in maintaining the latest and updated data which is at the dispense of the user.
3SSolutions provides sturdy database architecture that can handle enormous magnitudes of traffic, inward or outward. It’s imperative to design the database after analyzing the requirements of the clients and assessing the optimum traffic levels of the database. Professional programming techniques assure a free flow of data exchange between the user and the database. Simple and efficient interfaces are required in aiding the user to interact with the database in any way that is needed.
We provide our impeccable database programming services in the following technologies,
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • MS Access
  • Oracle



3SSolutions is known for providing exceptional e-commerce solutions for all types of businesses needs. E-commerce solutions need to be budget friendly. Our expert assistance will help you in setting up a prominent website to sell your products and offer your services to online customers effortlessly and let you stay ahead in the competition.

Important Features:

  • Provide comfortable and secure buying process for buyer.
  • Add new products on regular Intervals.
  • Manage Product Inventories.
  • Maintain flawless transactions.
  • Updating/modifying the information.
  • Updating/adding images.
  • Exhibiting time bounded offers and discounts on the website.
  • Having a Complete control on functioning of the website.

An active and efficient shopping cart is delivered at your disposal which provides a smoother and faster online buying or selling experience for the customers.
E-commerce websites require gaining the trust of their customers by creating a safe and secured environment for customer’s information, website content and more.



For any website apart from the designing, needs a gripping content to suggest or explain the subject of the website. The content may be small or big simple or complex it must be sufficient enough to create a good understanding and belief between the visitor and the website. Apart from describing the focal point of the website writing creative descriptions for products and services that are available on the website is also a primary and important aspect of content writing.
In depth analysis in the required field that is related to the website, notes about the product or service combined with client's way of promoting their product or services will assure in leaving a positive impression on the website. It is also important to keep it simple so that all the visitors feel comfortable and understand all that you have to offer. We provide content writing for diversified clients from various backgrounds like business, technology, lifestyle, travel and many more. The content of a website plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. So it is necessary to compose the content accordingly.



Maintaining a regularly updated blog has become very significant these days. But it is a time consuming process. Website owners often find themselves wasting much time figuring out what to write in a blog that helps their website exposure, rather than what they should be doing. Those days are now over. Now you can assign that job to us. Our efficient and competent blog writers take care of your blog - from creating it to maintaining it. Then you can spend your more valuable time on anything else that helps to profit from your business.

We assist you in creating your blog with befitting theme as per your desire. Adding fresh content in a blog is an essential task as it keeps the website freshly indexed by all the search engines. And it also keeps your subscribers informed of all that you have to say. Our expert blogging will lead to increase in traffic of your website and also increases the visibility in search engine results.